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    Cannabis Tincture


    • 80 or 100 proof grain alcohol
    • Cannabis, ground


    • Prep: 2 hours
    • Cook: 2 weeks
    • Serves: dropper bottles

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    1. - Finely ground the dried cannabis.
    2. Place in baking sheet and bake for 1 hour 15 minutes at 200F to decarboxylate (convert THCA to THC).
    3. Cool and then weigh. Mix 1:5 ratio of cannabis to alcohol in a large glass mason jar. If using 100 proof alcohol, add 20% water.
    4. Use a plastic lid or line it with wax paper- should not touch metal.
    5. Shake jar once a day and continue for at least two weeks.
    6. Strain and bottle in droppers.


    1. Sterilize everything.
    2. Gas from high proof alcohol is flammable - be careful.
    3. If using cloth to strain the plant matter, wet it first so that it doesn't absorb all the tincture.
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